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What do we do?

We work to bring about change through raising awareness, political lobbying, public engagement and corporate action. We target those who have the power to make a difference, engage people and communities who can leverage change, and work for the adoption of innovative solutions. We confront governments, institutions and corporations to bring an end to the injustice surrounding HIV/AIDS by ensuring that they live up to the promise of delivering zero new infections, zero discrimination, and zero AIDS related deaths.

Decision-makers in government, institutions and pharmaceutical companies have the resources and the responsibility to make the changes we want to see happen. In our work, we make sure that our campaign demands are clearly heard by decision-makers, and we pressure them to translate these demands into real action. 



We support our campaigners to carry out a range of lobbying activities like sending emails and letters or attending meetings with both their MPs (Member of Parliament) and/or MSPs (Member of Scottish Parliament), as well as with decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry.


Public engagement

Getting widespread public support for a campaign has influence over political and corporate decisions and so we often take the campaigns onto campuses or the streets to engage with the public. Collecting action cards, petitions, scrolls, photographs, or even hand prints our campaigners have made sure that we have had large numbers of people behind our demands.


Taking action

Student campaigners have taken part in a variety of actions and stunts across the years to push make our demands heard. Organising publicity stunts and actions can have a direct impact on the decisions being made and on the positive change we want to see. We organise national actions like protests, demonstrations, publicity stunts and even pool parties to make our voices heard to decision makers!



Find out more about what we have been involved with and our campaign history here.